Paintball game...

This recent weekend, I went for a paintball game.I went with Suhaizi and Bon's family..Well, my wife did not go..because she don't like to play.This my second time paly paintball..In this game we play at 3 different the open area,in the junglle and last set in the fast shooting area.The first set of the game was not though....But the second set in the jungle very though...I could not see where I am heading..because the bushes are very tall..I have to crawl like a real soldier to go to the other side..Just like in war movie..If you get hit, you will get a paint on your body..Sometimes you can get bruise to.. In the last set, I have been hit 3 times.It is fast shooting game. I could not get cover properly behind the bunker...I have been shot twice on the face..Luckily I have a mask on my was a though game..We all have fun

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Muhamad Firdaus said...

Wei haffis camner ko wat blog ni.. MAin Pin ball tu cam nenarik kikiki


Xsusah la firdaus..ko pi ke

A.Suhaizi said...

I won! hahaha



Anonymous said...

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