Insect sampling and collection

Last weekend, I went for insect capturing with my office mate, Ralph Narian..We went to the Wilderness Park with his car. We catch several insects for his collection..Well..this remind during my first year doing my undergraduate degree. I have to do about 40 insect families for my Insect Identification class..This moment make me remember to one of my friend in Malaysia, Muhammad Firdaus Asuar. We went for insect collection using our motorbikes. We tight the insect net beside my motorbike..People seem weird looking at us jumping around here and there trying to catch butterflies and dragon flies..In addition to that, I also went until to Gua Kelam, Perlis with my motorbike to catch more insects for my collection.On the way back to USM, Penang, there were a police road block.The police ask me to stop and asking what is inside my small bag..I told him there were several of insects for my collection..He did not believe me..He thought I am bringing drugs..Well, he use his torch lighten up inside of my beg and he get shock..(terkejut beruk) see the face of an ugly beetle..Then he let me go..I keep on laughing on the way back to see how his face look like when he get shock..(tu la sapa suruh xpercaya aku bw serangga..padan muka..). During my motorbike, is one of my reliable transportation (banyak jasa motor aku tu..awek pertama aku tu..hehe)..

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