Termite Baiting (Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System)

Couples of day ago, I went with my advisor and one of my lab mate, Neil checking for the effectiveness of termite baiting at the 5 houses that had been treated before with termite baiting. From the five houses that was treated, only 2 houses that was still active with termite infestation in the termite baiting station. Well, it is similar to the research that I have done before in Malaysia with the same product, Sentricon. During that time, it took only 5 weeks to eliminate the whole of termite colony. But however here, the equipments that use for the termite inspection in the termite baiting station are more advance. I haven’t seen it before in Malaysia. There was one of the machine that can detect termite activity in the baiting station (in the picture). The one that I use before in Malaysia was Termatrac. This one is different..One another thing that..over here we use a aspirator to collect the termite samples from the termite station. I don’t have to used forceps like the one I always use in Malaysia to take the termite sample for identification purposes. Well, I uploaded the picture above..

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