Malaysian Soil Corrective Treatment vs U.S Soil Corrective Treatment

Last week, my lab mates, advisor and I went for one of the treatment trial out. The trial was to test one of chemical product from Dupont, it is a new non repellent termiticide formulation. Twelve houses will be carried out for this treatment. Well.. actually the treatment that will be carried out is a corrective treatment that is called in Malaysia. Only external perimeter of the house will be treated..That required trenching and slab..In my mind the U.S Pest Control Operator (PCO) will be very particular on the safety during the treatment such as wearing glove, goggle, face mask and proper clothing..but..hmm..just same as Malaysian Pest Control Operator(PCO)..The rules and regulation of safety just in the book..Well the treatment here are easy because they have a thin layer of concrete to drill..In Malaysia..the concrete floor very thick..I remember when I treated one of the ‘surau’in Penag..The drill stuck in the concrete floor..and we have to break down the floor with a hammer to pull out the drill bit..Wow..that is very tired..good experience anyway..

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