In The Penang International Airport

Today, 11 May official last day in Malaysia..My wife and I going to fly across the globe to Lincoln, Nebraska, United State. Just the beginning of the flight journey..We have anothe four connecting flight to reach Lincoln, Nebraska..United State..It is a very sad moment..It is already 10.20 am..We have to go to the departure hall..I am starting to mother and father are starting to father and mother in law..well..they all are sad..It is going to be 4 years time, InsyaALLAH..I'll be returning to Malaysia bringing my PhD with me..Goodbye my families and friends..See you all in 4 years..Ya Allah..bless my long journey to the United State..Please pray for our long journey..Goodbye MALAYSIA

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Alhamdulillah, terima kasih kerana membaca. Syukran Jazilan