Reticulitermes flavipes vs Coptotermes gestroi..

Last week I went with my lab mates, Tim and Neil to one of the houses that was infested with subterranean termites. I remember during the time in Malaysia, I went for termite infestation survey..most of the houses was infested by Coptotermes gestroi..asian subterranean termite. The damage that cause by C.gestroi was very severe..Meanwhile in Lincoln, the termite species that was infested the houses was mainly Reticulitermes flavipes..Over here they were call as Eastern Subterranean termite..From what I have seen, the infestation was also severe..the damage that cause by this species also same as in Malaysia (Coptotermes gestroi)..In addition to that, the worker body of R. favipes was much more longer than the worker of C.gestroi..Both of the soldier produce white latex..

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