Nebraska Driving License

Yesterday I took a written test for applying the driving license. Only consist of 25 multiple choice questions. I took the test on the spot using the touch screen computer. I have passed the written test. Only took five minute for me. S0 they provide me the “Learner Permit”. This will allow me to practice drive with a person who had already have a driving license. Next week I will take the practical test. Actually, I could take a practical test on the spot to If I have a car with me. But I do not have a car. Over here, to get a driving license is very easy. Not like in Malaysia, where we have to take almost 12 hours of theory class. Then a couple more hours for practical driving lessons before the real driving test. The driving school in Malaysia made a lot of money. In U.S, to gain a driving license is very easy. No payment for the test. Only made the payment when you want to gain your driving license card or permits. The driving license can be use as identification card. So I don’t have to bring my passport here and there.

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Anonymous said...

Salam Hafiz..nice blog. I'm impressed. I solute u as you still have time to spend with your blog despite of bunch of papers coming on. Cayala..!!! As a friend, I need to inform you regarding your driving license in your blog.FYI, it is not wise to post your Driving License in Public particularly in the website. Have u ever heard about Identity Theft? People can copy and obtain all the informations from your Driving License and misused it. My advise, don't show it on public. US is famous on Identity Theft.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Wslm..thank you for the advice..betul ckp saudara, kena hati.Saya pun xingat pasal benda ni.By the way siapa sedar ek?

Alhamdulillah, terima kasih kerana membaca. Syukran Jazilan