Last Day In Malaysia

Now it is almost 8 am..My wife and I still busy packing and checking the final stuff that need to be bring to Lincoln, Nebraska, United State..Well it is a very touching feeling today..All mix around in the heart. It is just the beginning of my new chapter in my life. Pursuing PhD is not that easy.."Perjuanagn Baru Bermula"..What I have been inform that, US system is the hardest system for Phd.I pray to the Al Mighty "ALLAH S.WT" to smoothern all the proceess and difficulties that I will be facing later on. MY father and mother alway advice..never forget God when ever you go..when you face a problem..speak to ALLAH..InsyaALLAH the things will be smoothern along the way. In addition I will never forget the advice from the "Guru Utama"..Persatuan Seni Silat Cekak Malysia..always be with GOD..All the things that I have been thought from the martial art will strenghten my spirits. I will miss my martial art students Persatuan Seni Silat Cekak Malaysia, USM.4 year assitance coach them all..I will bring all the sweet memories in Malaysia to the UNited State..

In addition my old supervisor Prof.Abu Hassan in USM keep remind to work hard for my PhD.. He said "make sure you study for you paper as it was going to exam tomorrow"..I will never going to forget that..He also said.." Hafiz!.., make sure you finish it in four years and come back to USM to teach and do the research.." Well, I have been for his student and research assistance for almost 3 yeras and the half..Many projects I do with him other than my Master project..All the termites field reserach work..But..I am not going to forget the cockroaches project in the sewer..That is the dirtiest and smeliest work I have ever done..Wow..that smell for the first day setting up the traps in the sewer..make me loose my appetite for that day..Well..I get use to it..Thank you for all what you have tought to be a good researcher..

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