Our new secondhand bicycles…

We bought two new bicycles for our transportation around the Lincoln.Sadly, transportation system here not same as in Penang, Malaysia.The bus only come every one hour only..and there were no bus services after 6 pm..most of the shops close at 6 pm.”Kampung betul..kampung aku pun tak macam ni”...Well we do our groceries using my big hiking bag and put all the stuff that we bought in that bag..But not much can fit in in that bag..The bag can consist of 45 liters only..The shops not that far.About 10 minute cycling..Well I can cycle much faster than that..but pity to my wife..If I have extra money..maybe I can buy a junk car to do groceries and move around Lincoln..I am REALY MISS my car in Malaysia..New Proton Saga Special year I used that car and serve me very well go back to see my parent in law in Kelantan and to my village at Selangor and Johor..Actually, I waste quite a lot of money on that car..modified the body, rims and etc so it will look kind of sporty.but it is STATISFACTION.. .Well..again I miss that car very my bicycles will replace my car for time being over here..But..the important thing that I can get exercise everyday..About 5 km I cycle everyday from my house to campus, shops and my office in the insectary building and to my departmet..I think I will get SLIM in four years time..Now it is should be no problem to cycle during the summer period…I like the view here..No factories and big car smoke and no POLLUTION..Beautiful scenery..I am enjoying it..

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