Salam Ramadhan Untuk Semua

Salam Ramadhan untuk semua di dunia.. Semoga Ramadhan kali ini memberikan kita 1001 erti dalam hidup.

Selamat beribadah.. rebutlah peluang yang mungkin TERAKHIR bagi kita.. Moga-moga semuanya di berkati.

'"Ramadhan is a blessed month.
Blessing and special month.
Rewards are doubled, prayers are fulfilled.
It is a special month of Lailatul Qadar.
Fill that month, increase good works.
Devotion at night, fast at daytime.Increase the alms, do not be stingy.
Hope it becomes redemption of sins.
Do not forget to read Al-Quran.
It is better to followed by Zikr(Zikrullah) and Tasbih.
Excite the Ramadhan in various ways.
So that Ramadhan will not be useless.#
Avoid sins on each limbIncluding the sins of heart
Because the sins will damage the rewards
So that we not waste the Ramadhan
Fill the Ramadhan as good as possible
Because it comes only once a year
It is not sure we will meet the next Ramadhan
Because we will die at any time "

Nasyid - Hijjaz

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Alhamdulillah, terima kasih kerana membaca. Syukran Jazilan