Khas buat mak ayah adik adik dan keluarga


Mak ayah, ini yang abgfiz dapat hari tu :) alhamdulillah syukur kepada Allah

Student Certification Award—Sponsored by PestWest Environmental Science, this award recognizes and encourages outstanding entomology graduate students with interest in the mission of the ESA certification program, and to promote the understanding and importance of the program. Abdul Hafiz Ab Majid is a Ph.D candidate in the Urban and Molecular Entomology Laboratory of Dr. Shripat Kamble at University of Nebraska-Lincoln, where his research focuses on the molecular ecology and population genetics of subterranean termites in Nebraska. Hafiz received his B.S in biology and vector/parasite management in 2005 and his M.S. in urban and industrial entomology in 2008 from Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang, Malaysia. Hafiz is a fellow at the School of Biological Sciences, Universiti Sains Malaysia, under the Academic Scheme Training Staff Program. He has participated in a wide variety of research projects on urban pests such as termite baiting, termite foraging behavior and ecology, liquid termiticide application, insecticide degradation, cockroach management and control in sewer systems, and evaluating liquid and gel bait insecticides for nuisance ants and cockroaches. He has been an ESA member since 2008 and a BCE-Intern since 2009.

Hafiz has authored or co-authored seven peer-reviewed publications and has contributed more than 20 oral and poster presentations at various professional meetings and conferences. Hafiz has volunteered his services in BCE programs, serving on the PM&C Audit Committee and helping to expanding the Certification Program beyond U.S. borders. He also does volunteer work at the Nebraska Urban Pest Management Conference.

Hafiz’s long-term research goals are to integrate insect toxicology, physiology, biochemistry, genetics, bioinformatics, and molecular biology to conduct novel research to address basic and applied entomological questions in urban insect pest management at the molecular level.

Selebihnya mak ayah boleh tengok di website ni

P/s: terima kasih atas doa dan ingatan mak ayah yang tak pernah putus.

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yatie chomeyl said...

hebaknyo hubby demo...kagum2

llizam said...

alhamdulillah. tahniah! :)

Chik Na said...

tahniah buat hubb izza

deena farhana said...

alhamdulillah, syabas dan tahniah :)

AnaWahab said...

Tahniah Abg Hafiz and Kak Izza :D

Atif said...

alhamdulillah...tahniah..berkat doa dan kesabaran izza utk suami.. =)

Alhamdulillah, terima kasih kerana membaca. Syukran Jazilan