I'm Thankful for you

You brighten up my life
With memories and dreams
As the years pass
They get better it seems

How fortunate I am
To have a husband like you
Someone I love so much
Who's love is so true

You're shown me
In so many ways
That your love is mine
Until the end of my days

I love you for this
more than I show
I hope by my actions
This you do know

I Love you

Happy 2nd Anniversary My Love!!!

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maryam izza said...

owh sweet nya
selamat ulang tahun perkahwinan yg kedua buat kalian
semoga terus mahabbah mawaddah warahmah ;)

lina said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!

NURUL IZZA said...

kak eja and lina: thank you so much..

annie said...

Happy second anniversary!!

NURUL IZZA said...

ani: tq..amboiiii bergaya seh dgn spec tuh..import dr jepun gak ke?? ;D

Alhamdulillah, terima kasih kerana membaca. Syukran Jazilan